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As January fades into February, winter’s chilly embrace continues. But amidst the frosty air, a warmth begins to stir this month – it’s Cupid, with his trusty bow and arrow just in time for Valentine’s Day!

What significance does Cupid have on this day, anyways? Well, in Roman mythology, Cupid’s mother was Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. These two were associated with Lupercalia, a pagan festival of purification and fertility that occurred in the middle of February.

Legend has it that Cupid would use his magical arrows to spark love and affection between individuals…and he has now become the enduring icon for a day that encourages love to bloom and relationships to flourish.

Fast forward to today, traditional gifts such as roses, chocolates, love letters, and candle lit dinner reservations are exchanged to show our affection. But here’s an idea – why not also show some love to a place often overlooked: your chimney and fireplace?

Why Are Fireplaces So Romantic?

two wine glasses clinking in front of a fireplaceFrom cozy fireplaces to perfectly placed candles, it turns out there’s actually scientific reasoning as to why flames and romance go hand in hand. 

Campfires, fire pits, and fireplaces engage every one of our five senses. The sweet symphony of crackling wood is music to our ears, the mesmerizing dance of the flames captures our gaze, the gentle warmth on our skin provides a comforting touch, the distinctive scent of burning wood fills the air…and who could resist a s’more while seated by the fire?

And did you know studies have shown that fireplaces can reduce blood pressure and stress, while promoting relaxation? It’s the perfect environment to stimulate feelings of intimacy and connection. 

Fireplace & Your Valentine: How To Set the Mood (Safely)

Picture this: a cozy evening by the fireplace, the lights turned down and only the soft glow of the fire is illuminating the room. The crackling flames light up the cute charcuterie board you prepared to pair nicely with the fancy bottle of wine chilling on the coffee table. Sounds like the perfect stage for an evening of romance, right?

…until those adorable Valentine’s Day decorations above the fireplace catch on fire or your neglect of essential maintenance services, such as an inspection or chimney sweep, results in your living room filling with smoke.

Here at Ashbusters Chimney Service, we want to make sure your Valentine’s Day plans go off without a hitch. So we have prepared a list of 5 important things you can do to ensure your fireplace is both romantic and safe.

  1. chopped up firewood filling a heart-shapes storage containerSchedule a Chimney Sweep and Inspection: A chimney sweep and inspection is recommended to take place at least once a year, and definitely before you plan on using your fireplace. A chimney sweep will remove any creosote buildup, debris, or blockages, and allow us to identify any other hazards that have gone undetected. A chimney inspection provides us with a comprehensive assessment of your chimney, ensuring it is free from cracks, leaks, or other issues that could potentially compromise its safety.
  2. Keep Fireplace Decorations at a Safe Distance: Anything placed around the fireplace should be done at least 6 feet away from it. If you’re decorating the mantle, try to avoid greenery, garlands, fabrics, real candles, or anything that hangs over the mantle. 
  3. Burn Only Dry, Seasoned Hardwood: Seasoned hardwood is oak, maple, hickory, or birch wood that has been cut, split, and left to dry for at least six months. Seasoned hardwoods burn more efficiently, minimize creosote buildup, and produce less smoke and residue compared to wet or unseasoned wood. 
  4. Install a Fire Screen: A properly installed fire screen prevents any loose embers from escaping the fireplace and creating a potential fire hazard. Nowadays, fire screens come in a variety of stylish designs and materials that can further complement your fireplace as well as provide an extra layer of protection.
  5. Never Leave Fire Unattended: Before heading to your dinner reservations – or just into the kitchen to get that perfect Valentine meal created – please remember to extinguish your fire. There’s nothing that will ruin an evening faster than the piercing sound of a smoke detector that was triggered by a stray spark unintentionally lighting something on fire. 

Ashbusters Chimney Service Is Here For You

Remember – a fireplace that’s both charming and safe is the key to a love story with no plot twists! Let Ashbusters Chimney Service help keep the sparks where they belong – in your love life, not your living room.

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