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Your chimney system consists of several different components, such as the liner and the damper, that keep it working efficiently. If a problem arises with one of these components, it is helpful to know how it should function properly. This allows you to be able to troubleshoot more accurately. Some of the most common chimney issues all involve the damper. Understanding your damper can prevent problems like smoke filling the room when you try to light a fire. Ashbusters knows how important dampers are in a chimney and fireplace system and we want to explain to you how it works.

What exactly is the purpose of the damper?

According to Do It Yourself, the purpose of a damper is a very simple concept, it is also a very important one. Your damper is a flap inside the flue that can be adjusted to allow smoke to escape and air to enter. This not only keeps you and your family safe from breathing smoke and other combustion gases, but it also allows you to control the amount of heat from your fires.

How do I adjust the damper?

How you open and close your damper depends on the type of damper you have in your chimney. If you have a traditional throat damper located directly above the firebox, your damper most likely has a handle or latch that you must use to manually adjust it. If you have a newer top-mounted damper, you can open and close it by using the pull chain beside your firebox that is attached to the damper at the top of the flue.

What is the difference between a throat damper and a top-mounted damper?

Although both of these types of dampers serve the same purpose, they are located in different parts of the chimney. The throat damper sits right above the firebox. However, the top-mounted damper is installed at the very top of the chimney. Throat dampers can be trickier to use because of how they age. Over time, these metal dampers suffer from corrosion damage that makes them difficult to open and close properly. Not only does this cause problems, but it makes your home use more energy as heated and cooled air escapes your home. Equipped with a silicone rubber gasket, a top-mounted damper provides an airtight seal of your chimney.

Knowing how your damper works can help you enjoy warmer fires with no smoke-filled rooms this winter. To learn more about how a new top-mounted damper can increase the energy efficiency in your home, contact us at Ashbusters today.